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Great Barrier Reef Diving Expeditions and Training
The Great Barrier Reef
Day Adventures - Training - Cert Diving - Expeditions - Photography - Equipment

One Day on the Outer Barrier Reef / Snorkel and Scuba Diving Tours

Overnight on the Outer Barrier Reef / Certified Divers Expeditions

Far Northern Extended Expeditions to World Class locations such as

  • Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs
  • Osprey Reef and the dive location " Sharks Central "
  • Holmes and Bouganville Reefs in the Coral Sea
  • Raine and Horne regions

Learn to Scubadive Courses and Advanced Training

Departing from Cairns - Port Douglas - Northern Reefs - Yongala Wreck - Whitsunday Islands

 Looking for quality vessels and reef sites to experience the Great Barrier Reef. We understand what you expect from your journey  

Travel support relating to weather conditions, accommodation, and transfers.



Special Offers ...images to last all time      

Underwater Camera Hire for ALL Customers $45 for one day hire, $33 a day for extended periods


12 Megapixel Camera , 4 GB memory card minimum

FREE Download of your photo's and video's to disk

FREE  Camera Lesson and 50 pro shots of our own are yours

Go Pro's NOW available for Hire / Video and Stills 




2 Day / 1 Night Great Barrier Reef

 Cert Diving Liveaboard - 5 day dives and 1 night dive. Meals and fresh bed linen.

 Snorkel - heaps of Snorkelling. FREE introductory dive. Meals and fresh bed linen.

16 passengers only - learn to dive option and Advance Courses available.

Includes all dive and snorkel equipment

Price :  $390.00 AUD contact us




4 Day / 3 Night Holmes Reef Diving Expedition

Certified Diving - 8 Day Dives / 2 Night Dives . Bed Linen and Meals

Equipment and Guides Included.

Offering outstanding wall diving, drift diving in 1000 metres of water.

This trip travels monthly with only 16 passengers running from July to December

Price : $995 AUD contact us




4 Day / 3 Night Cod Hole and Northern Great Barrier Reef

Certified Diving -  8 Day Dives / 2 Night Dives

Quad Share $1310        Twin Standard $1450

Double with Ensuite  $1605               Stateroom  $1805    

Special Pricing subject to availability

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World Famous Shark Central and Cod Hole

4 Day 3 Nights / 16 Dives with Quad, Twin, Deluxe Cabin Options

Nitrox Available on Board / Gear and Camera Hire

7 Days / 26 Dives with Quad, Twin, Deluxe Cabin Options

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Spectacular Fish Life and Vibrant Colour await you on this unforgetable journey

We are more than capable to help and assist with your individual experience

Capture your adventure on film, or extend your experience with additional Courses to take your diving to the next level

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Wreck Encounters of the Great Barrier Reef

  • 1 Day Yongala Wreck
  • 2 Day / 2 Night Yongala and Wheeler Reef Overnight underwater Escape
  • Tip of Australia - Cape York 10 Day Wreck Explorer
  • Great Barrier Reef  - Wrecks of the East Coast

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Minke Whale   /  Humpback Whale Expeditions

Minke Whale Season operates from June through to Mid July

Ask us for Rates for the 2014 Season.

 How exciting if you have decided to take up this adventure sport on the Great Barrier Reef

Things you need to know about Dive Certification

Allow 4 days minimum for a Budget Course which start at $450.00

  • 2 days pool and theory followed by 2 day trips with 4 theory dives

Allow 5 days Extended Liveaboard dive course which start at $750.00

  • 2 days pool and theory followed by 3 day / 2 night liveaboard
  • 9 dives including 4 theory , 4 fun dives and 1 night dive

Additionals are Reef Tax , Australian Medical Cert which we can arrange when you arrive..

  Extended Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Diving on The Great Barrier Reef is quite simply about 2 things:

Weather and Permits

When I grew up here in the early 70's there was only 10 000 residents and 1 or 2 boats going to the reef.

The middle reefs 2 hrs off the Cairns coastline now attracts over 700 000 visitors a year.

All vessels must have a permit to visit the reef. Some have much better permits than others. Others travel 100's of kilometres to the ribbon reefs to remote locations which offer the best diving experiences.

 What is the difference between the Taka's.... Spirits..... Prodives

                 Mike Balls and so forth?

Some carry learn to divers and certified divers on the same vessel.

Some have photography rooms on board.

The Largest back deck.......  no waiting to gear up.

Undersea have the only permit to tag sharks and extract and study marine life.






Underwater Camera Hire and Supplies

Nitrox Courses ~ Rescue Courses ~

Accommodation ~ Car Rental ~ Rainforest Excursions

The local travel company........

To book or check availability of this tour click here or go to our contact us page

   Snorkel - Certified Dive - Introductory Diving - Advanced Diving Training 

Day Trips to the Outer Barrier Reef - Live Aboard Expeditions 

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